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Increase Conversion with
AI Guided Discovery

Interact better than your in-store sales team with conversational guided discovery

Adeptmind Solutions

AI Conversational Guided Discovery

Infused with artificial intelligence and smart filtering, we give customers personalized search results and recommended products without the need for a third party.

Local Shopping

Adeptmind’s solution for retail establishments makes it easy for your customers to search for full product assortments to help increase foot traffic, loyalty, and retention.

Ecommerce Apps

Adeptmind supports all major ecommerce platforms from Shopify to PrestaShop. API connectors for any other popular platforms are also available at your convenience.

Search Engine Marketing

Our AI technology is easy to use. We've built customizable search technology of your store's products to take retail to the next level!

Our Stories

Internet Retailer
"The technology enables the retailer to feed the search engine products and the engine learns based on what shoppers look for, click on and purchase. Plus, it learns without being programmed."
Internet Retailer
" makes its on-site search smarter"

"Online brand retailers are also struggling, and a big reason for it is their lack of SEO and search capabilities. Why is search such a challenge for brands?"
"How Online Retailers Can Utilize the Power of Search to Reach Millennials"

"Adeptmind is a tool that gives retailers a way to implement a smarter search engine on their sites by collecting related data to all of their products and zero in on what customers are actually looking for."
"Adeptmind brings smarter search to retailers"